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Golem TokenD3B by Reft-Tackarii Golem TokenD3B :iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0 Golem TokenD3 by Reft-Tackarii Golem TokenD3 :iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
From-me To-world. 'Truth'
>>> .
That, friends, would be a period.
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
And another job bites the dust by Reft-Tackarii And another job bites the dust :iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 1 2 Rebel Fowl. by Reft-Tackarii Rebel Fowl. :iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 11 3
For the life lived, not the life lost, I loved her...
For what I have become becuse of her I love her...I didn't see what she was doing for she was...I didn't care for it...none of the little gifts or the attention..
I just wanted to be on my way again..every time I came back to the Keep, the walls were the first thing I saw, and she the second...
I waited to be sent out again, and often pointed out things that needed doing that would likely have been left to lower titles if ever done at all..
Having an active general doing things on his own, it had both good and bad for the look of the Keep..made us look either as one for the people, or lacking of troops to handle any on occation I would be denied my request to leave on one mission or another..This was one such time..
I will write this for a fancy words or learning held in it, as most books..but then this won't be a's just how I will think it out onto here..
I will write it d
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
A short start. Untitled.
The path was clearly new, the ferns and other low greenery was still overgrowing on the path on both sides and down the center. The dandelions in the field of tall grasses gently nodded in the breeze as Joelle and the wagon continued rocking forward over the land. The forest clearing soon was left behind, Joelle’s eyes looking back at it, lost in the beauty it held for her mind, more then her eye. The woods ahead offered a more irregular, rutted path, causing a few jolts now and then that made Joelle reflexively grab the side of her backwards seat off the back. The sounds of the wagon’s wheels and joints creaking along seemed right, clean somehow, compared to the city and it’s rush and thievery. Not much was the same in the city, the people were not the same, they didn’t seem to recall…that they were people. Joelle smiled at a squirrel that was on a nearby branch, it’s ocher coloring with a small white stripe down it’s tail, was a happy sight, it seem
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
Done is Done, Home is Ahead.
Walk down the path to your home, looking nary behind in hurt or regret..., for ahead is what can be changed, and behind is what is now only as a book.
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
Breaking Realms.
Hern and Janiel
Hern faced the enemy he had tracked to this bare pasture, which showed sparse signs of life, aside from some stubborn shrubs on the outer edges of the forest to the south, 'probably from all the spells not.. quite contained', Hern thought while looking at the brown plants.
Hern looked up at a sound from the outer brush.
"So, the young heir has come, I would compliment you on your tracking skills.." the Daemon master brushed his cape down from his arms exposing several tears that were not present on Hern's last encounter with Janiel "but I was expecting you sooner, so I will skip that and begin now.", Janiel beckoned and a man Hern had not seen before came out of the brush, he seemed more wiry then his rather sturdy frame should allow, the man stopped and looked uncertainly at Janiel about halfway to him, and after a moments pause came slightly closer, stopping several feet short of Janiel and then turned to a position where it was obvious he could see both mages easily,
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
-Dale- Untitled, Unfinished
Knell saw her sword's steel flying towards her mark, then sickle meeting it in defense, the metals letting out an angry cry that cut through the air, breaking the silence of the moment.
“You want to fight then?” The cloaked figure chided her.
“I’ll not just die for your whim to be fulfilled, so yes. I will fight.” She pulled back her sword to pull it up to guard her front as she made a smooth backwards movement and then set up her stance to one of ready defense, her sword at the ready, crossing in front of her, her steel banded arm also held out, ready to parry off any potential attack. “Come on then, both of us will benefit by a quick battle.” Knell muttered, her hair falling across her shoulder, covering its wound in a brown silk.
“NAYUR!!” the cloaked figure yelled, making a dash forward and slicing downward toward Knell’s head. Knell quickly stepped back twice, sharply raising her left arm in a ready defense if the attacker should c
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 1 0
Nine Twelve.
A day several years ago, and then not so long,
accepted many deaths, though as people, did we?
Do you recall the pain and shock, the death all wrong?
The collapse, the towers falling in, the planes...
that some still see.
Those who went forward that day, they have honor to me,
those who worked, and died after to see,
if any life in the rubble they could pry free.
They are Heroes, the best men and woman, and now Heroes be.
Why them, and not others who have died? Why?
Because this shocked us? Because of the efforts to hope?
No..I honor the dead of all...but these..they did not ask to die.
They had no right to fall, a soldier knows the lines,
the chance of fire.
I honor them, very very much so...but civilians sacrificing,
that is why we cried.
It is to them, this morning in which we should still mourn,
that the hearts of far too few, turn to the pained past,
of those who died, who should be here still in fighting form..
But they are not here, nor will they come, the die is cast...
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 1
Only a face in the Crowd.
A friend is just another person,
One more face midst the crowds.
A face only, maybe a little smile..
From a joke that you both know.
A simple thing, nothing large.
They have what all have,
and miss what all miss.
One of the crowd
Nothing more..
Save perhaps.. that once
when that friend brought you,
something you had dropped.
And a few short words were said.
Then they left into the crowd,
No, a friend is only that,
One of the crowd.
Nothing more, but.. perhaps not less.
Well…once maybe, they heard,
Something said about you..
And forced the other back down
then to take back the words.
But it was only hear-say,
Maybe it never happened,
Friends are only like another,
Nothing special, nothing new…
One of the crowd.
Nothing more, and nothing less.
Though they may never let you go,
Once they see a tear in your eye..
They may not leave,
Until they either can help you,
Or can join you..
Would anyone do that?
But surely.. I can only merit,
A moment of one in the crowd
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 2
Rough draft-Friendship Earned
May the moon shine down,
the stars look out,
the sun ne'r darken
and doves hover round about.
Every time you set a foot,
a heart or mind will see,
a light brighter then the rest,
as you head out upon your doors step a glow inside.
A noble crest.
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
Life made to be Lived.
We sail into the night,
The wind and I,
What I see not,
The sail with does comply.
All the stars,
the waters still,
mean naught to me,
for life is wild.
A unicorn untamed,
Nay a satyr,
Horrible and marred,
This life I love,
A gift of art.
Close your eyes,
Lay to sleep,
Let the moon watch o'r,
Your troubles bid away.
Till dawn comes down,
Your face sees again,
The sun of joy,
And hardships to win.
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0
Duel Heart, Single Heart..
I see my heart and emotion with out me
it stands still as i flee to it, my heart stilled
I see what black emotions are coming toward all I see,
my heart is nigh to death in the horror of pain
I collide, the emotions from both now turned over to fates cruel smile
those without fly away from me, those with in assail me
a mirror is sent in the face I see, my pain is over
safety to my heart is delivered, to it a terrible thing to think
now the thwarted evil, it comes with no power
against my life,
my skin is shorn, my flesh is torn,
the silken red is full of warmth to me, the joy is full.
My heart breaks, tears are nigh in my own sight, but the red turns black,
the warmth from without deadened by the minds mercy,
the cold from within sets, as though a winters night
My heart lives, but I die, that is my joy, I saved my life at my bodies cost.
I now only pray,
I pray....
I can only pray
The girl leans over the man,
Beaten and thrown,
A smile on his lips,
No life of his own.
She c
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 1 0
If you're happier...
If you're happier, I toast to you and the rest of the life ahead.
May the sun shine down upon you girl,
may the stars be your souls delight,
may the larks come with roses hurled,
down upon you blissful smiling face.
may the future be a beacon,
the past a conquered thing,
may the fates grant knowledge,
the bells inside with freedom ring.
I hope you live,
and never hurt,
I hope you learn,
and help others through the path.
May you smile,
may you sing,
may through this day,
a new fantastic freedom bring~
Remember to love as though you have never been hurt, to sing as though you never cried, to smile at anyone who straightens up at your side.
Trust is needed, but thought as well, be careful, but filled with joy. And may you for all time, be well.
Reft Tackarii~
Myself. Writing I enjoy, and hearts further, And so…occasionally, my feeble skills I'll employ.
For your betterment and grace, for hope of a future for joy.
:iconreft-tackarii:Reft-Tackarii 0 0


Mature content
The Wind And The Sky Surely :iconryusora:Ryusora 2 5
Make Him Breathe- Revised
One AM, New Year’s Eve. I should be out drinking, getting high – playing the role of a normal teenager. But I’m in bed, listening to the incessant thump of neighbour’s music drift and bite at my nerves – so much for trying to switch off. The kids next door are always noisy, the kind that are boisterous, and borderline dangerous. So I assume it’s them when the yelling begins. I can’t distinguish actual words, but I recognize the tone of voice; frantic.
I roll over, unwilling to let the sound get to me – anyway, it sounds no different to their usual antics. I don’t know what goes on beyond the fence; their backyard isn’t included in my view. I’ve seen the mother, she wears those scarves wrapped around her head, and I especially notice how she wears the same outfit everyday. I’ve never seen the father – maybe there isn’t one. I close my eyes and exhale, but another bout of yelling forces them ope
:iconparakissess:Parakissess 220 73
Fave and Run Stamp by Spyridon Fave and Run Stamp :iconspyridon:Spyridon 9,242 941
Shatter the Machine
As we walk though fire and ash that is our world, do we look behind our shoulders and ponder on the footsteps that we made?
I don't believe so.
For we are creatures that live very short on this world, and thus we always look forward. May God have mercy on our souls if there is one, for we are the devils that bring doom upon us, so we do not need The Beast to rise from Hell. We are The Beast.
And we destroy.
But there are ones that think about the past because of the future. These are the masses that fight against the Machine. The ones that put a dent on a shield that the others use to justify their deeds.
We are that people. We are the ones who will shatter that Shiny shield of Lies, but not by force. Not by using their methods of destruction. We shall shout at the top of our lungs, and we shall show them that we care!
And when we destroy the machine, Chaos will step forward and that is when the true fight will begin. In that Chaos we can either create Inferno or Eden. Death or Life.
:iconalanordo:AlanOrdo 1 8
hands by karincoma hands :iconkarincoma:karincoma 5,186 277 Tutorial: Draw Hair : VER. 2.0 by bommie Tutorial: Draw Hair : VER. 2.0 :iconbommie:bommie 8,350 738
Crashing Down
              Crashing Down
         What would you do if
You world came crashing down?
Would you run away and hide,
    Or risk your life to save it?
  What if it was crashing down
And you didn’t know the reason?
    Would you burst into tears;
Pretend that you weren’t there?
       Or try to be strong and
       Stay to face the music?
:iconjmdespain:JMDespain 3 3
That Horrid Day
                      That Horrid Day
        When I remember that horrid day,
    I think of the lives that were taken away.
       Carelessly taken without a thought;
  And the men that did it never were caught.
  Because they went down with all the rest,
   Taking the breath from their own chests,
And they'll wish they hadn't - they'll be sorry
      When they meet God in all his glory.
:iconjmdespain:JMDespain 3 2
Because You Told Me So
       Because You Told Me So
      You tell me that you love me,
       And you're proud of all I do.
You wouldn't trade me for the world,
        Or even for all existence.
    Then one day you just explode
           Over a little tiny thing.
     You say that you went wrong
      Along the lines of raising me.
     But underneath all your anger,
       Way deep down inside you,
      I know you'll always love me,
         Because you told me so.
:iconjmdespain:JMDespain 1 2
Fraudulence: quickwrite
We tongue-in-cheek it
Every time we feel a thing
They fail to mean it
Every time that chorus rings
We must concede it
Diction is a dying art
They can't redeem it
It's "lost upon an empty heart"
The art of the poet
Is dead as we know it
It lies and battered and weak on the ground
But lest we devise
To hide all our lies
The world will not know what we've found
Moonlight and roses
And serpents and gold
Weigh only as much
As the soul where they're sold
And heartbreak can melt
The most fickle of skin
So long as the sonnet
Is sung from within
"I was told one fine morning,
As I walked through the snow
That true love would find me
Wherever I go
So I'll sit in the corner
And just wait along
Hoping one day
I will finish this song"
The loved and the lover
The sister, the mother
The fairy-tale king and the queen
All have stories to tell
But it's all just as well
That their fables be more seldom seen
:iconstolenwater:StolenWater 3 7
Rain runs down the window paines
Blood flows from me in streams
My tears and blood mingle
They dance in strange swirls
Unpredicted and gracefully erotic curves and twists
Something so simple yet so difficult
They dance just for you
My twisted and demented lover
This painful lust is all for you
From the stinging sensation
To the cooling tears that stream from my eyes
I can see the disgusted look that twists you face
The ghosts that plague me will go to you
They will haunt you in your reverie
Smiling in spite of myself
Taking joy in your beautiful mangled facade
All of this is because of you
Your unfaithful obsession makes me sick
Though I'm still haunted with my love for you
Puddles creep towards you
Turn and run is all you can do
Footsteps echo and dissentigrate into nothing
Closing my eyes I disappear
Fall into the shadowy grasp of death
:iconwingofdeath:WingOfDeath 1 0
Tears are the windows to a soul
Within them contain the emotions of one's being
Falling for the death of someone loved,
Streaming for brokeness
Rolling in laughter and happiness,
Tumbling in depression
Holding onto the light,
Clinging in fear of darkness
Windows to the hiding one afraid to be seen
:iconwingofdeath:WingOfDeath 150 27



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